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Riverfront Grey st

Kalbarri W.A 6536

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Information for the naviagtion of the river in power boats.

The river is a very safe environment for the experienced or inexperienced boat person to enjoy.

Just a few tips to make the trip up river easier.

On leaving the boat hire

The power boats are only licensed for the river so you can go up to the sand spit of Chinamanís beach but no further out to sea. Up river explore approx 6km of beautiful scenery.

1. Head the boat straight out from the beach. Donít cut the corner its too shallow!

2. Keep the line of crayboats moored to the right as you head up river. This is a deep channel .

3. Once past the jetty keep to the right.

4. Approx 5-10minutes of motoring time Look out for the markers(white bouys) and go down the middle of the bouys.

5. After this you will see Castle rock on your left. This a rocky outcrop which with a 15min climb to the top will give you a stunning view of Kalbarri. Also great fishing spot!

6. Beyond this you will see a low lying island with shrubs called GOAT island keep to the left hand side of this whilst heading up river.

7. The end of the island is the set limit for use of our boats in the river.

8. Most of all have fun! Go swimming , fishing or crabbing or just explore the river!!!!


ccreated by  Wayne Dewar at www.mykalbarri.comreated by  Wayne Dewar at www.mykalbarri.com