Canoe Safaris

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Kalbarri Boat Hire & Canoe Safaris
Riverfront Grey st

Kalbarri W.A 6536

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Canoe Safaris

Leaving from Kalbarri boat hire, for your adventure, you will be taken 15km up the Murchison River in a 4WD. Here you will begin your paddle down the tranquil river to Nanny Goat well. You will be met here for breakfast/lunch by our staff.

With your appetite satisfied, you will then continue on the safari, paddling down a further 8km to enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife.

At the end of the paddle, our staff will collect you and take you back to Kalbarri , This is a fantastic family outing and recommend for all ages.

Breakfast Safaris- Leave at 7am return 11am

Lunch Safaris - Leave at 12:30pm and return 4:30pm

(start times may be subject to change due to seasonal variations)

Adults $65

Pensioners $55

U/15 $45

U/10 $35

On the breakfast safari, enjoy the delicious taste of Bacon ,Egg, Tomatoes, Toast and Billy tea /Coffee. Enough to give you the energy to finish off the trek.

For the lunch safari, a Sausage Sizzle, drinks and cakes to ward off the afternoon hunger pains.

created by  Wayne Dewar at www.mykalbarri.com